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  • The Railway Children Return Review

    The Railway Children Return Review

    Lionel Jeffries’ 1970 The Railroad Youngsters is ‘Tea and Crumpets: The Film’, a warm, agreeable, jaunty jape highlighting plummy children waving at the 9:15 to London, chilled buns, paper pursues and Bernard Cribbins fluttering among parody and poignancy, all enveloped with shockingly opportune worries about scaling back and being caring to outsiders. The presence of…

  • Slumberland Review

    Slumberland Review

    Mounted as a magnum – creation dream ride for youngsters, ‘Slumberland’ depends on Winsor McCoy’s funny cartoon series ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’. The strip, about a young man Nemo and his experiences in lala land, has been immensely well known among its eager fans since its presentation in the mid 1900’s. In ‘Slumerland’ the film,…